Shattered Moon Rectangular Canvas

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One of the most popular and iconic pieces of SotA art, this painting by Stephen Daniele depicts the broken moons of New Britannia. Also known as "Daedalus In His Agony". This art is available in SotA from the art dealer known as "Caravaggio's Wolf".

The art represents a defining concept of Shroud of the Avatar: a unified world for all players. In Ultima Online, Britannia's two moons Felucca & Trammel were the names of the PVP & Co-op servers. The collision of New Britannia's moons caused a great cataclysm and rained down Obsidian Shards on the world below. In game, a player in the vicinity of this debris is usually forced into PVP-mode.

Printed with fade-resistant HP Latex Inks, water based (no harsh chemicals) and stretched on a .75" thick wood frame. Available in 4 sizes. Example photo with couch depicts 24 x 36" size.