Master of the Mint Rectangular Canvas

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Printed with fade-resistant HP Latex Inks, water based (no harsh chemicals) and stretched on a .75" thick wood frame. Available in 4 sizes. Example photo with couch depicts 24 x 36" size.

Since his arrival via Lunar Rift, this Outlander has gained renown after attaining the position of Master of the Mint. Among the peasant children, urchins and orphans, you can hear of his legendary ability to pluck strange and shiny coins right out of thin air!

Despite his official position, Sir Frank is rarely seen in public, and much rabble abounds regarding his whereabouts and activies. Rumor has it he can be found among the ruins of an old, abandoned town near Desolis known as "Dead Horse".

While a recipient of the ONBE and by all counts an Avatar possessed of Virtue, Sir Frank has on occasion been reported to keep the company of outlaws, even *gasp* conversing with Trolls, and going so far as to craft medals of "Outstanding Chaos" for that most dastard and lofty rogue, none other than Darkstarr !!

Per Sir Frank's wishes, a portion of the proceeds of each portrait sold will be donated to benefit Leonardo's Children's Museum in Enid, Oklahoma.