Avatar of Virtue Coin

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This new coin from Sir Frank displays two key sigils you will encounter on your path as an Avatar. It weighs in at a hefty 40 grams of copper and measures two inches across. Only 300 of these Limited Edition coins were made.

One side shows the tripartite Blade of the Avatar, representing the three principles of character: Truth, Love, and Courage.

On the reverse we see Lord British's Infinity Cross, a symbol representing Virtue as a whole Path. Here you will also see the initials HMG, for Helen Mary Garriott, mother of Richard Garriott, creator of Shroud of the Avatar. She was an early investor in Origin Systems and provided some of the first art direction for the Ultima games. You can see her art for Exodus: Ultima III below, and even own a version to hang on your wall in SotA!

Helen was also the co-founder of Leonardo's Childrens Museum in Enid, Oklahoma. We wanted to honor her memory and virtuous example, and find a way to give something back. Relics by Rild will donate $20 from every Avatar of Virtue Coin sold to the Leonardo's Childrens Museum that Helen helped start. By purchasing this coin you are helping to bring inspiration, art, and science education to children! Donations will be made quarterly and reported to the community.