2017 Frozen SotA Title Logo Mens Tee

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This shirt is limited edition for Winter 2017!!

NOTE FOR UK AND CANADA CUSTOMERS: If you order the Gildan or Canvas versions of this t-shirt, it will be processed by a printer in your country and ship from there. This should save you any VAT, as well as provide some reduction in shipping. Shipping settings are still in flux. We will happily refund any over-charged shipping if you find it is too high. Email ben@relicsbyrild.com if you have questions. Thank you for your patience!

CONTINENTAL EUROPE - I do not yet know if your order will process in the UK or USA at this point. Automation rules are getting criss-crossed and I'm still untangling them. I will be testing this with some loyal overseas customers ASAP!!

Gildan Shirt is a traditional fit and the most durable.

Canvas Shirt is softer and a more modern fit.

District Shirt is soft with a long, slim cut.